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3M Coban Self-Adherent Wrap

For more than 40 years, 3M™ Coban™ Self-Adherent Wrap has been making life easier for patients ...

3M Durapore Tape

A "silk-like" tape with a latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive that offers high strength and adhesion. ...

3M Micropore Tape

A latex-free, hypoallergenic paper tape that is gentle to the skin yet adheres well and leaves ...

3M Transpore Tape

A latex-free, hypoallergenic, transparent and perforated plastic tape that offers strong adhesion. ...

3M™ Wound Cleanser

Zinc-nutrient formulated, gentle wound cleanser in easy to use squeeze bottle. 3M Wound Cleanser is ...

Adhesive Tape Cloth

Light in weight ideal for securing bandages and dressings, leaves little to no residue.